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Hey! I assume you'd like to know more about me... I am a London based artist, I particularly specialise in photography and dance. As a photographer I like to capture theatrical looking pictures that turn out to be aesthetically pleasing and sometimes I also like to include myself and the changes I go through in life in my stories, being the narcissist that I am. My work, which is often a collab with photographer Anna Schnabl ( is flexible for diverse fields such as Editorial, Fashion and Commercial. The combination of photography, dance and entertainment is something that I am currently exploring. 

Financial Times - How To Spend It Magazine

December Issue - 2020

The Pupil Sphere

September- 2020

Fizzy Mag 
June - 2019

Endless . Magazine 
April Issue - 2019

Picton Magazine
 March Issue - 2019

"The Social Production of Space" Exhibition
December - 2018


The Times Magazine

Online Article - 2018

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